How to Clean a Siphon and Drain Pipes

In our company of plumbers and plumbing, for the experience and professionalism that we accumulate, we advise the following strategies to clean the pipes of the home, and to end with possible jams and problems in the pipes. If you think that you are not very crafty or crafty, you always have the safe option of going to professional plumbers. Even so, we propose these actions to achieve unclogging pipes in the home.

First, let’s start with how to clean a siphon.

This is a special pipe, a small reservoir with several turns, which must measure at least one meter, and serves to drain and avoid the plugs. When the siphon is placed in the bath, it expels the water (except the toilet, which has its own outlet pipe, the drain) and prevents them from stagnating and provoking bad smells. If it is placed in the kitchen, the siphon, under the sink, is one of the pipes that are more congested, because of the amount of different foods that end up stagnating there.

To clean it, the following actions must be taken:

  • Place a bucket under the elbow of the siphon that has become stuck, to evacuate there the waters and putrefactions that will be cleared to be able to give again a constant flow. If it is not done, you will end up staining the floor and generating a lot of garbage, either in the bathroom or in the kitchen.
  • Prepare the toolbox, because the next step is probably the most difficult to achieve the breakout of the siphon. The elbow plug, i.e. the connection between the siphon and the central pipe coming from the wall, must be unscrewed. In the case of the kitchen, also the elbows that come from the appliances that connect with the siphon, such as the washing machine, the dishwasher or the dryer should be removed.
  • He prepares some towels, and he puts the disassembled elbows on them. Once the individual parts have been removed, they must be cleaned individually. Obviously, one or more have a lot of dirt that has caused the plug, so it must be completely removed. Use hot water, degreasers and rags.
  • Finally, it introduces a product of plunger in the central pipes that arrive at the siphon, since probably the jam has arrived at them. Once all is cleaned, reassemble the various parts.

Different is the procedure of the toilet or sink drain.

Professional plumbers dismantle the sink or toilet and proceed to clean the central pipe. However, for household cleaning, you often go to different chemicals, using hot water and working hard with the plastic plunger nipple.

Perhaps the most appropriate is to implement a series of precautions: do not throw paper to the toilet, put filters in the outlet of the sink to prevent food entering, and use plunger once in a while.

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