How to Clean Hair from the Bathtub Drain

The hair is one of the leading causes of obstruction drain the shower and many people make the mistake of using harsh chemicals that can potentially damage the pipes, to remove hair from the bathroom. Other, softer methods can remove hair, dirt and grease clogs without being a risk to the pipes. Many of these affordable methods use common household items and do not require an extra trip to a supply store or call the plumber.


  1. Straighten the wire of the clothes hanger to modify the hook. If necessary, to fit the drain of the shower. Then lengthen the large clip. Now you should have two straight tools that can enter the bath drain.
  2. Put on the rubber gloves and remove the drain filter, if possible, to have easier access. Pick up any loose hair that is in the drain filter and in the opening with your fingers. Discard hair.
  3. Run the water until the tub is filled four inches and the clogged drain begins to empty slowly. Take a wipe and suck the drain so that the hair approaches the top of it. Let the water drain through the tube. With your fingers clean any hair accessible from the top of the shower conduit.
  4. Take the hanger and insert the end of the hook into the pipe duct. Move it around to get any hair that is there. Pull your hair out and throw it in the trash.
  5. Position the hanger a second time and try to push it gently through the tube as far as you can without releasing it. Move it around with circular movements to get hair. Remove the hanger and wipe any hair you have.
  6. Put the paper clip into the drain opening and get rid of any hair on the top that you could not remove with the hook. A clip can catch hair that is well tangled in the drain filter and clean better than the hanger. The duct of the bathtub should be free of hairs. If it is still covered, proceed to the next step.
  7. Pour one cup of baking soda into the tubing. Let stand for two minutes.
  8. Empty a cup of vinegar down the drain. Wait for twenty minutes.
  9. Boil quarts of water while the solution of baking soda and vinegar is standing. Transfer the water to the bucket.
  10. Slowly pour the water by draining the tub. Wait until it drains through the tube.
  11. Insert the hanger and move it around the opening of the duct to catch any debris and remove hairs from the drain.
  12. Heat another 9 quarts of water in the kitchen until it boils and place in the bucket.
  13. Add the boiled water to the shower tube. The water should drain faster than the first time you poured hot water.
  14. Turn on the shower to check for an obstruction. The water should flow freely through the drainage.

Tips & Warnings

  • Lease plumbing tools at a hardware store to remove hair clogs that are deep in the pipes.
  • Use a device that catches the hair to cover the drain of the bath and prevent blockages by hairs.
  • Remove loose hair from tub and duct after each shower to prevent drainage.
  • Do not use corrosive shower products. It only uses cleaners recommended by plumbers and limits the use of chemicals to prevent damage to the pipe.
  • Never add bleach or ammonia to chemical cleaners to clean drain due to potential hazardous gases or fire hazard.

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