How to clean the bath drain

In this article we want to give you some tips to make your bath or shower drain always look shiny. But first of all, if what interests you is

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Drains as new

There are different ways to keep drains clean and flawless. Many of these remedies are based on chemicals and we personally discourage them for a basic health reason. It is true that many specialists use them obtaining very good results, but as the same word says, they are specialists and you are not.

Our advice is that you always use natural remedies that also offer very good results and above all you will save yourself some fright. Mixing natural products does not produce any chemical reaction so you’ll work on insurance. So now we give you a list of natural products that you can use to clean the drains and how to use them.

Products to clean drains:

  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Lemon

Vinegar is well known for its cleansing and anti-lime action. If you use it alone, let it stand for a while to allow its descaling force to be greater. Then you just have to rub a little and rinse and if the result is not the desired you have to repeat the action because sometimes with once there is not enough.

If we mix the vinegar with the bicarbonate we obtain a plunger effect in addition to the descaling and cleaning effect. In this case, it is convenient to make the mixture with a little hot water to increase the effects. We also have to let it work for a while and we will get, besides a clean drain, a drain without bad odors.

Finally, lemon is a good cleaner on its own, as long as there is not much dirt accumulated. However, lemon has the feature of offering more shine than vinegar and baking soda so you can first use the mixture and for the last finish use the lemon and dry it. Your drains will look like new.

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