How to clean the drain of the bath tub

Every time you find yourself having to clean the drain of the bath tub because the water will not go away. You certainly do not wait for it, but you know that if you do not uncover it, your next shower may feel more like a wading pool.


  1. First unscrew the drain cap to see what is lurking underneath. More often the culprit of the obstruction in the drain of the bathtub is the hair that is wrapped around the piece of metal that covers the width of the drain.
  2. Use the tweezers to remove the hair that sticks on the metal piece in the bathtub drain. It might take some time to pull it out, and it will make you slimy, but do as much of the hair out as possible.
  3. Put on latex gloves and remove any remaining hair that cannot get out of the drain of the bath tub with the tweezers.
  4. Still using latex gloves, use your fingers to scrape the sides of the ditch to loosen any mold or slime that is deposited on the side wall of the bathtub drain.
  5. Use the powered cleaner to clean the bathtub drain (as far as you can get) and also clean the exterior of the drain while you are there. Rinse the drain with plenty of hot water.

Radio bottle 1/5 of the cleaner down the drain. For harder clogs, pour 1/2 bottle. Leave it to stand for 15 minutes (30 minutes for hard clogs), then wash it with warm water. Repeat this step if the bathtub drain is still clogged.

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