How to clean the shower drain

Knowing how to clean the shower drain is advisable and much needed both to avoid jams and to keep it in optimal hygienic conditions, safe from bacteria. The recommendation is to make a task of control and maintenance of the drain periodically to avoid that the accumulations are greater and we have to suffer the serious consequences of a jam.

However, if the jam in the shower has already occurred, you have several options:

  • Hot water. You should heat water in a saucepan, but not reach the boiling point, and slowly pour it down the drain of the shower or bath. This should be sufficient to fix smooth or light jams and as a basic cleaning task.
  • Manual unlocking. By using something very fine and firm in the shape of a hook – a wire, for example – that you can put between the holes of the drain, check if there are remnants of hairs or other residues that are obstructing the duct.
  • Common cleaning products. You can cast directly through the drain bleach or ammonia let it act and then add hot water. Another quick and simple option is to use caustic soda. They are cheap products and are often used for cleaning the home.
  • Chemical plungers. They are expensive and very aggressive, we must exercise extreme caution when using and limit their use as much as possible. However, it is sometimes necessary to resort to such solutions.
  • Cleaning the siphon boat. Locate in the bathroom the pipe area of ​​the pipes and to which you will have access, most common, on the floor through a round metal plate with a screw. To unscrew the drain, unscrew the cap screw and remove it, you will probably find a ball of hairs and other debris that are the culprits of the jam, remove them with gloves with care and caution. Replace the screw cap.

Choosing one or another alternative of these five options that answer the question of how to clean the shower drain, will depend and will vary depending on the type of jam, the intensity of it and your intuition. However, all may fail and require professional assistance or at least, the advice of a plumber who solves the problem.

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