How to cover the main drain in a pool

Pool maintenance can be somewhat tedious in an otherwise fun pastime, but with the right procedure, switching parties should only take an afternoon at best. The main drainage of a pool has a powerful suction, because it is responsible for water circulation and filtration.

This suction also presents a possible danger if the cover is damaged or not connected correctly. People or children may be trapped or injured due to defective decks. Complying with state regulations or making suggestions will ensure that you and your guests can enjoy your pool without fear.


  1. Buy a drain cover if you do not already have one and check your state guidelines to make sure you pass the grades. Call the drain cover company if you cannot find the information or have questions.
  2. Drain the pool, if this has not already been done. To drain, turn off any equipment, then close the skimmer valve open the main drain and select the option to empty the pool.
  3. Turn the drain off and make sure that the pump suction has been deactivated when working on the drain. Do not use electrical or plug-in instruments when standing on the pool floor.
  4. Inspect drain filter pool for obstructions or abnormalities, then place the drain plug the hole and carefully screw it in with a screwdriver or any other tools specified in the pool manual. Follow any additional instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check your state’s suggestions to make sure your pool does not present a health and safety hazard.
  • Follow routine maintenance schedules so that the filter does not get stuck, which would require you to flush the pool more than is necessary.
  • Pool suction drains exert a very powerful force, so if you do not follow the instructions carefully, you may have injuries or complications later.

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