How to unclog a bathtub drain – clean trap and plug

Remove the trap. Accumulation of dirt in the trap or plug often causes drainage to be slow. Remove the screws that are around the trap with the proper screwdriver. Then place them in a safe place while cleaning. The plugs are easier to remove because they do not have screws, so to remove it, just twist it and lift it.

  • Most bathtub drains have a trap or a plug.
  • This method is usually effective with minor problems, so if your bathtub is very stuck, it may not work.

Wipe away any excess dirt surrounding the trap or plug. There may be a lot of residue accumulated in these objects. Clean any residue of hair or soap, for which you may have to rub.

Replace the cap or trap in the same way you removed it. You will have to replace the screws of the trap on the drain, while in the case of the plug, you can simply place it in place.

Check if it worked. Open the tub spout to see if the drain works properly. If not, you will have to try another method.


  • Wear rubber gloves when working with the drain.
  • Do not mix several chemicals, as it could be dangerous.

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