How to unclog a bathtub drain – use a drain claw

Over time, piles of hair and soap residue can plug the drainage of your bathtub. Instead of spending your money on a plumber, first try uncovering it yourself! If your bathtub is not completely stuck, but is slowly draining, you may not have to take drastic measures. It is advisable that you read all the methods to decide which one is indicated in your case. In addition, you may need to use one or more techniques to completely uncover the drain, so do not give up if the first attempt does not work.

Remove the trap. Often hair and soap accumulate beneath the trap that is inside or above the drain. Although many can be removed manually, some have screws that you will also have to remove. Remove them with the proper screwdriver.

  • If you do not know what type of screwdriver you should use, make it match the screw head.
  • The size and shape of the screwdriver tip should easily fit into the screws.
  • Unscrew all that are around the trap until they are loose. Then place them in a safe place while clearing the drain.

Remove the cap. Some drains have a plug instead of a trap and are also located inside. It is easier to remove them because they do not have any screws that hold them. To remove the cap, simply turn it and lift it.

Remove excess dirt around the trap and plug. It is possible that over time much dirt has accumulated in the trap or the plug. Clean any layer of soap or hair you find. You may have to rub these items, depending on how dirty they are.

Insert the nail through the drain. When the drainage nail is inserted to the proper depth, it will encounter the drainage siphon, which is a curved part of the system. [5] Keep pushing it through this siphon, as it is flexible and will bend.

Remove the drain claw. The nail has many intricate hooks, so it will pick up the hairs and allow you to remove the dirt by pulling it. Clean the residue on the nail if you want to save it for use again. Hair and soap can accumulate only in a few months, so this tool is usually very useful.

Try the tub to see if it is unlocked. Now the water must pass well through the drainage. If this method did not work, try another one.

Replace trap or cap in the same way you removed it. If the drainage nail worked, you can now return it to its place. If you have a trap, you will have to screw it into the drain mouth, while in the case of a cap, you just have to put it in place.

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