How to unclog the drain of a bath tub with standing water

A tub with the drain plugged up is frustrating. Converts give you a shower or bath tub in an experience less than relaxing. Bathtub drains are susceptible to plugging due to their construction. The culvert drain traps and maintains hair, soap and shampoo residues that are causing obstructions. Worsening the situation, the plumbing of the bathtubs are below the floor and is inaccessible. Particularly when the tub is on the second floor. And although the stagnant water make the work look even creepier, the unstoppers work more effectively when the rubber cup is covered with water.


  1. Put on the rubber gloves. Remove visible material by blocking drainage and discard.
  2. How to Unclog the Drain of a Bath Tub with Standing Water
  3. With a damp cloth it locks the overflow of the tub. Place the cup on the drain, placing it firmly on the drain.
  4. Apply a quick pressure down onto the unclogging, crushing it completely and then pulling the unpacking upwards quickly. Repeat the movement up and down 10 or 15 times. If the sewage remover is separated from the drain, settle it once more on the drain and repeat the process.
  5. Removes and discards any material extracted by the unconscious. If the tub drains freely and no longer appears to be covered, run hot water through the drain for several minutes to dissolve any residue.
  6. Remove the rag from the overflow if the unclogging does not remove the plug. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws from the overflow cover. Remove the attachment mechanism for the drain plug, allowing enough space for the plumber’s snake.
  7. Insert the end of the plumber’s viper into the opening of the overflow. Extend the viper down the pipe until you find resistance from the obstruction.
  8. Turn the viper handle clockwise. Working the end of the auger into the obstruction. If the obstruction does not crack and fall through the tube. Pull back the viper to try to pull the obstruction out of the opening of the overflow.


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