How to unclog the external patio drain

Drainage of the yard prevents flooding during periods of exceptionally intense rainfall. External drains are relatively easy to block, mainly due to a large amount of loose materials such as dry leaves and other derivatives. Harsh chemicals are polluting and dangerous to health. Before you use an industrial cleaner on the patio drain, or call a plumber, try some basic methods to uncover it.


  1. Put on the rubber gloves. Remove the water that is in the yard with a bucket using it as a spoon. Use the mop to remove the last inches or inches of water.
  2. Collect any debris that is around the drain or that may be covering it. It is likely that most of the residues are of vegetable origin, which can go in a compost pile.
  3. Remove the grate covering the drain and remove as much waste as you can reach.
  4. Examine with a flashlight to see the obstruction.
  5. Make a hook at the end of the hard wire, such as a cane, to remove any wastes that are difficult to reach. This could be enough to clear the obstruction in the drainage.
  6. Fill the bucket halfway and pour it into the drain to verify that the job is complete.
  7. It uses a plumber’s snake, preferably an electric one, if the drainage is still obstructed. The more robust the snake, the more chances you have of solving the problem. Once the blockage is released, run water through the drain to check it. If you have been able to uncover it, replace the grille in its place.

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